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30th Annual Member Daughter Night - Canadian Everest Climber

CPC Presents the 30th Annual Member Daughter Night Tuesday, October 22

Sharon Wood Everest

Sharon Wood is the owner of her own speaking and mountain guiding business, Adventure Dynamics. She has co-authored an ebook with Pat Morrow, Everest: High Expectations (Bungalo Books, 2012) and has been published in several anthologies, including Everest: Eighty Years of Triumph and Tragedy (Mountaineers Press, 2001). This is her first full-length memoir. Wood can now be found in Canmore, AB, writing, public speaking and, of course, climbing mountains.

Everest Member Daughter Night

Sharon Wood – First Canadian Woman to Summit Everest

With lean resources, her small team pursued a bold vision; climb a new route on the world’s highest mountain. Battling extreme conditions, they pushed the limits of human endurance – and they made history.

Everest 2

Sharon Wood Memoir – Signed books $31.45

Sharon Wood’s memoir, Rising, is part mountain adventure story, part meditation on finding and sustaining passion and purpose. As she tells her story today, her perspective is steeped in six decades of life experience rich with adrenaline, change, reflection and humility. It is a tale that still feels poignantly relevant—a testament to the strength of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles, whether mountain peaks, social expectations or self-imposed barriers.

Book on Everest

6:00 pm – Dinner
8:00 pm – Presentation
$80 per person
Photographer 5:00 pm – Photos available for purchase
Signed Books $31.45