CEO Platinum Roundtable Presents. . . Breakfast Overview of Three Timely Issues

CEO Platinum Roundtable Presents. . .

Breakfast Overview of Three Timely Issues:
• Who: CEO Platinum Roundtable is a high-level mastermind group of big thinkers who want to discuss world trends, issues, and global events. We research the latest information, interview world experts, and present a synthesis of the topic. The richness is in the discussion afterwards as everyone brings their perspectives, experiences, and insights. Each table is about three years ahead of most executives think about and debate.
• What: CEO is delighted to host a series breakfast to present a tantalizing overview of several topics the members have debated.
• When: October 21, 2018 7:30 – 9:00 a.m., Petroleum Club — Viking Room
• Topics:
 The Next Financial Crash: Will it be Bigger than 2008-2009? Buried in the American legal code are provisions which give the federal government emergency economic powers. Stock exchanges can be closed, ATMs shut down, money market funds frozen, asset managers instructed not to sell securities, negative interest rates imposed, and cash denied. How will you and your family survive? What about your company if it lacks liquidity? The global elites know that a crisis of even greater proportions is coming, and that fore-knowledge is the only way to survive and thrive.
 Corporate Governance & Leadership — Today, society’s trust in corporations and their executives is dismally low, with the crisis in leadership fueled by a relentless media cycle and a growing consumer influence through the global spread of information and viewpoints over the internet. And that’s before the next financial crash. CEOs are scrutinized for their leadership and decision-making, boards are held accountable for the CEO’s remuneration and companies are questioned about their sustainable strategy and social impact.
 Canada Legalizes Pot — What the generations before us smoked isn’t what kids today are using. The two per cent[marijuana] weed of the Woodstock era is gone; it has been replaced by something with a potency unimaginable a few years ago and consumable in forms that we never thought. This fall, Canadians will be able to smoke marijuana legally. The legislation is calling for companies to have a whole litany of policies and procedures in-place – and the courts will not accept changing the word “alcohol” to “marijuana.” What do they require from companies, boards, and management teams?


Dr. Heather M. Douglas
President, Strategic Public Affairs Ltd. and President, CEO Platinum Roundtable
• Recognized for Excellence in Communications
• Douglas was named Business Woman of the Year in 2008

Douglas is a journalist who covered energy for almost a decade then joined Mobil Oil Canada and was accountable for several of Canada’s largest public consultation programs, including the Hibernia offshore oil project and the Sable Island gas development. She was appointed Vice President, Public & Government Affairs with Atomic Energy of Canada. In 2005, she accepted the appointment to President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. In 1997, Douglas launched Strategic Public Affairs Ltd. and in 2014 CEO Platinum Roundtable Ltd. She is a popular guest lecturer on topics ranging from how to diversify the economy, the next financial crash, how 9/11 morphed into ISIS, driverless cars, robotics, artificial intelligence, and many more.