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Compliant with Methane Regulations – FOR FREE? Yes! A Conversation with Ed Alfke

Ed Alfke
Chairman of the Board
TriCore Carbon Solutions, Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. Carbon Fund, and Climate Smart Group

When: Wednesday, June 19th
Where: Devonian Room
Time: 3:00 pm
*TriCore Carbon Solutions Sponsored Bar After

Ed Alfke

Ed is committed to making a difference by combining emissions reductions with good business economics. He also believes that emission reductions are best achieved in carbon markets where industry is free to trade and given economically viable alternatives that they can choose to best achieve their goals.

To this end, the group drives both emission reductions and savings to the energy sector. At 1460% growth, we are driving for high impact on a global scale. The newest program, recently launched, provides methane reduction equipment that leverages the carbon markets delivering the equipment at no cost to the producer. This program embodies entrepreneurship, innovation, practical economics, and Canadian know-how.

Ed is Chairman of the Board of Carbon Credit Solutions Inc., the Climate Smart Group Inc. (USA), TriCore Carbon Solutions. Ed joined CCSI in 2014 and turned this small data company into the largest aggregator of Carbon Credits in North America by 2016. The Climate Smart Group was formed to be the global expansion engine and brand, currently operating in USA, Brazil, and soon, Australia.

Ed is an internationally recognized Angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and mentor and who has owned and operated many successful companies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. He was a founding director of the National Angel Capital Organization, and Co-chair of the Angel Capital Association Co-Investment Committee. Best known for founding Rent-A-Wreck.

Ed is extensively experienced in investing and raising capital. His entrepreneurial and company building experience has proven to be successful in numerous industries over the past three decades. Ed has been featured in major business magazines and newspapers in three countries. He has done a TEDx talk on Entrepreneurship with 3.5 million views, and a best seller business book with Brian Tracy. Ed is considered an international high-growth expert.

For more information please visit our website at https://tricoresolutions.ca/

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