CEO Platinum Roundtable Inc.

CEO Platinum Roundtable Inc. that we are hosting a luncheon on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

Time: 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

Room: Trophy Lounge

Cost: $75.00 per person.

Deadline: Reply by May 27, 2019.

Primary Contact: Ms. Elena Deary, Manger, Major Events CEO Platinum Roundtable Inc. (Email: [email protected], Tel. 403 608-4689)


Marathons are hard work, not glamorous

It takes a lot of moving parts to come together to have that ideal race.

Planning, Practice and Patience are necessary ingredients to achieve success

Resolve, Perseverance and Vision are several of the tools to help get you through the tough times and to the Start Line and most importantly to Cross the Finish Line!

Starting out as a Husky Kid, to 18 marathons finisher, what was the first step?

Why was it so important to know what I wanted?

How did I balance Work, Family, Interests, Health and Sanity?

Like Life, it’s not easy.


Dave Rodgers wears a few hats, many related to health and wellness. By day a financial expert and by day and night a marathon runner, hockey goalie, painter, spouse and father. Dave believes his mission is to share his story of success from fat to fabulous. Not everyone will want to or should run, but running away from your problems, health issues or poor relationships will not add to your human existence. Dave is a humble man who says he is an ordinary person with extra ordinary ideals. Braving over 17 marathons and now 2 Ultra marathons he has gone through many pairs of runners to truly find out who he is and what he wants from career, life and family. There is no doubt his experiences are meant to inspire a need for change in us all. Just look for the real phrases he uses to describe who he was and who he has become.

Better known as a renaissance man to many, Dave leads the way to success by delivering a message of hope, change and self-care.

You can find Dave using his education from Ryerson University (Polytechnic) and working for Raymond James Ltd. as a Financial Advisor. He has spent 32 years in his career of financial services. He feels his next steps are to make financial services and planning a center focused on health so you can enjoy your wealth and live a positive life with family who care about you and friends who will meet you where you are at. Dave is the Running Financial Planner! Look him up on Linked In, Facebook or Twitter, or better yet contact him at 403 221 0330. Dave would love to speak to your company about this message as well.