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Breakfast With Health Expert Eden Gould

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New Year means new resolutions, and what better way to start it off than with a morning of health and weight loss tips!

Enjoy a breakfast inspired by Eden Gould, a Health and Wellness coach. Who strives to connect people with their wellness vision; and, manoeuvre strategies that create a road map for their personal wellness.

We have added a new speaker to join us for this spectacular breakfast, Christina Skiftun a Yoga and Wellness Coach who will walk us through the power of mindfulness!

7:30PM – Breakfast
8:00PM – Presentation

Cost: $25.00

About Eden

Eden Gould Profile Photo

I’ve been working in the health and wellness field for 18 years.

My goal has been to develop an understanding of “why people start and stop,” without ever connecting with life-long changes. My coaching programs are designed to help people navigate their personal obstacles that stand in the way of their best self! Therefore, I strive to connect people with their wellness vision; and, manoeuvre strategies that create a road map for their personal wellness.

While working with me people quickly find out that being healthy and feeling great doesn’t have to be a complicated, time consuming, and daunting process. A healthy lifestyle is about learning a few basic personalized strategies so you can manoeuvre most any situation such as eating out, a busy lifestyle, kids or traveling. It’s all about planning, feeling confident in your choices, caring for yourself, and envisioning yourself feeling the best you can. Why? Because you deserve it!

My work is a manifestation of my goals to help individuals overcome obesity, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, and the stress that accompanies these maladies.

Many Thanks,
Eden Gould

Christina Skiftun

About Christina Skiftun

I’m Christina Skiftun, Intuition has always been my “Hell Yeah”! This has taken me to amazing places and given me incredible experiences. It has also carried me through times and situations that should have broken me. I find both balance and success in life, and am now inspiring others to do the same. I believe the
practice of yoga as a lifestyle, in all of its forms is without rival when it comes to managing the predicaments that are our life. I offer people the tools to create and sustain resilience when the roller coaster of life or business has them feeling turned upside down, unable to catch their breath. I show people what their potential looks like when they don’t feel crippled by the fear that is rooting them down. My approach is more about what we can shed and let go of instead of needing to learn more and do more. I believe that most humans carry around the weight of unsatisfactoriness. This is weakening their ability to remain resilient in the face of challenge as well as crippling potential. I show people how to get more out of life, find greater balance, move to a space of contentment and flourish over stress, manage anxieties, gain energy, and reach extreme success and abundance. I have owned and operated three yoga studios in Calgary in the past which offered me as much as I offered back. In August 2018 I was awarded the International Visionary award from MindBody Online for operating a yoga studio which was one of the top 30% profit earning yoga studio worldwide. Currently I run my own wellness business. I am a 2200 RMT, RYMT-200HR, and currently train with The Living Inquiries. Most dear and important to me is being a mama to 4 beautiful souls. I have a spirit as wild as they come and have figured out that in life the trick is simple; let go, let be, let in.

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