Harnessing the Power of Workplace Mobility to Attract and Retain Millennials and Gen Z

Work EvOHlution would like to invite you to an exclusive breakfast session in Calgary on Tuesday June 26th, exploring Millenials’ desire for flexible work arrangements, along with the current trends and challenges that organizations face in creating engagement and driving mobile workplace performance for this generation and the upcoming Gen Zs. Our special guest, a leading Canadian expert on generations in the workplace, Giselle Kovary of n-gen People Performance, will be presenting alongside Dr. Laura Hambley. Come hear hot off the press research on Gen Z, the newest generation that is now beginning to enter the workforce.

The Speakers

Dr. Laura Hambley

Dr. Laura Hambley, President and co-founder of Work EvOHlution, will share her expertise in the human dynamics of distributed leadership and teamwork. Laura will introduce a flexibility/mobility model for leaders and teams, discuss current trends, and explore challenges faced when it comes to leading in mobile and agile workplaces.

Giselle Kovary

Giselle Kovary is one of Canada’s top experts on generations at work, who will share key characteristics from global research that supports why mobility is a key engagement driver for all generations, especially Millennials. Giselle will also provide an overview of n-gen’s new Gen Z research and what to expect as the next generation enters the workforce and expects leaders to provide an agile and flexible work environment.

This inspiring breakfast session will provide you with the keys to attracting and retaining Millennials and Gen Zs through harnessing the power of workplace flexibility, including leveraging assessment tools and training to gain powerful insights:

  • By attending this event, you will walk away with:
  • A deeper knowledge of why mobility matters to Millennials and how to increase flexibility
  • New Canadian research on Gen Z and what they expect of employers regarding their preferred work style and mobility options
  • A better understanding of workplace mobility environments and psychometric assessments tailored to these
  • Tips for how to support leaders in embracing flexibility in order to attract and retain top performing employees
  • A complimentary copy of n-gen’s Gen Z whitepaper along with one free Distributed Work Profiler assessment from Work EvoHlution
Event Details:


Tuesday June 26th, 2018
7:30am – 9:15am
Calgary Petroleum Club
319 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0L5 (directions)



7:30am: Hot breakfast
8:00am: Presentation and discussion
9:00am: Q & A, Closing remarks & networking

We look forward to you joining our event. Registration is limited. Please contact Madyson Huck at [email protected] with any questions.

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