ICD - Board Governance of Alberta Crown Agencies, Board and Commissions

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ICD - Institute of Corporate Directors

There are almost 300 public agencies in Alberta and approximately 3,000 positions appointed by the government to serve on governing boards.  Together these administer approximately 50 per cent of the provincial budget.  Over the past several years, the prior and current provincial governments have spent considerable time and effort to improve the management, coordination and quality of agencies, boards and commissions.  In advance of the session, attendees will be provided with a summary of the Alberta government’s objectives and policies regarding Crown ABC’s.  This moderated panel discussion will bring together the Deputy Minister responsible for the Public Agency Secretariat and individuals with experience serving on provincial ABCs to discuss:

•      Recruiting board members in the context of the provincial framework, its priorities and implementation status; coordination between the government and the ABC; and, attention to the operational success of the ABC during the recruitment and renewal processes.
•      Leading and serving on the board with an understanding of the mandate and expectations of the board and its members by the government and the stakeholders through initial recruiting of an entire board; board renewal and change; aligning board member skills and objectives to the mandate, authority and responsibilities.
•      Developing and maintaining a productive relationship between the government and the ABC at the time of change of government; at the time of change of a senior politician or senior bureaucrat; and, at a time when there are perceived conflicts of interest or objectives.

Registration: 7:15 am
Session Start:  7:30 am
Sessions End:  9:00 am
Hot Breakfast will be served