Petroleum History Society Luncheon

Petroleum History Society Luncheon
Noon, Sept.25, 2019

Speaker Scott Jolliffe, Heritage Advocate

With A Look Back at Shell’s Early Marketing Operations in Canada

The longest journey begins with the first misstep. Through a series of archival photos, Scott will discuss Shell’s early downstream activities in Canada. Some of Shell’s more unique early operations will be highlighted, along with the growth of traditional sectors such as the service station business. Business practices of the time will be compared with more recent thinking and the evolution of Shell’s corporate culture will be discussed. This will not be a talk for the serious historian; instead, those interested in useless trivia (such as: what and where is the largest remaining artifact from Shell Canada’s first tanker?) will hopefully be satisfied. The story will be told of how Shell Canada started with almost nothing, and still has most of it.

Scott Jolliffe was employed by Shell Canada Products Limited from 1981 to 1994. He worked at the local, regional and national levels of the organization in various roles. His experience in the organization provided wide-ranging exposure to most aspects of Shell’s downstream marketing and distribution activities. Scott is an avid collector of industrial artifacts, and is a past Chair and Honourary Life Member of the Calgary Heritage Authority. He is the author of “Concrete Centenarian”, a book about Calgary’s Canadian Government Elevator. He is also a Past-President of the Western Oil & Gas Collectors Association. Scott has a passion for built heritage and is active as an advocate for heritage conservation, especially for those sites that embrace our industrial past.