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Petroleum History Society Luncheon

Petroleum History Society Luncheon

Noon, Wednesday, October 30

Speaker Dr. Jack Mintz – President’s Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

On Carbon Policies: Their Origin and Development to Today


“Putting a Price on Carbon” has been a familiar policy and a growing expectation of governments for the last decade. Jack Mintz has been deeply involved in the debates surrounding this approach to counteracting global warming. This will be the subject of this month’s luncheon talk – summarized by our speaker as “Carbon policies as proposed by economists began with carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems. However, they evolved quite differently over time with subsidies, regulations and host of other policies, some with high economic costs. What happened? Why do have an unfocussed approach to carbon policies today?” This promises to be a very informative presentation from someone who has been in the thick of these controversies.


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