Speaker Series and Networking Event Featuring President FW de Klerk

The Canadian Energy Executive Association (“CEEA”) proudly presents an exclusive Speaker Series and networking event featuring President FW de Klerk on June 14th, 2018 at the Calgary Petroleum Club.

During his presidency from September 1989 until May 1994, FW de Klerk dismantled apartheid and initiated and presided over the inclusive negotiations that led to the adoption of South Africa’s first fully democratic Constitution in December 1993. Also, in 1993, together with Nelson Mandela, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. After the election on 27 April 1994, FW de Klerk served as one of South Africa’s two Executive Deputy Presidents until 1996, when his party withdrew from the Government of National Unity. He retired from active politics in September 1997. In 1999 he published his autobiography, “The Last Trek – A New Beginning”.

Guest Speaker President FW de Klerk

Canadian Energy Landscape

The world needs energy to grow and develop. It is imperative for Canada to address the current constraints and harness the opportunities we have. We want to create a bright future for Canada and we have the energy assets to create this for us and our children. We need more of the Canadian spirit.

Canada is an expanding unified force to reckon with. The progress made despite challenges are remarkable. Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit shows numerous showpieces of stellar achievements on the global stage from upstream and downstream developments as well as our rigorous environmental standards.

But not all is well and during these challenging times we need to assess our strategies. Canada fundamentally is at a disadvantage as an “Energy State Entity”. The energy industry are easy targets because our companies compete with one another for market access, maximization of cash flows and value for our investors (public and private). Our governments are not aligned with each other (interprovincial and federally) and not aligned with the interests of the Energy Community. The indigenous groups are misaligned with government and industry. Progress has been made between Indigenous groups and both government and industry. Environmental supporters are pushing their own agenda. On top of this we have an aging workforce. It is too easy for any of the environmental stakeholder groups to pick off each group independently and pitch one against the other which eliminates progress where all the “energy” is spent defending themselves against each other as opposed to defending themselves against those that are attacking us as Canadians.

FW de Klerk will provide us insight into the issue with which FW de Klerk is most closely associated – the management of South Africa’s transition from apartheid to non-racial constitutional democracy. However, the requirements for this process are similar to those required for any change management process – including rigorous self-examination; acceptance of the need for real change; the articulation of a clear and achievable vision; clear and consistent communication; the need to take calculated risks; the need for perseverance in the face of inevitable problems – and, finally, acceptance of the fact that once one has achieved one’s objectives, one must prepare for the next set of changes.

A copy of President FW de Klerk’s book will be provided to each registrant at the event.

The Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) is facilitating the transformation of our energy industry into a leading edge force. CEEA establishes a platform for discussions with input from a variety of stakeholder groups, initiates thought provoking industry discussions and topical current agendas. The speaker series provides you the opportunity to meet and hear from global leaders.

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Price is $500 (plus GST) per person. There will be limited seating at the event.

For more info and to register please follow this link.

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