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The Effects of Compassion on Mental Health- McMan Calgary & Area’s Annual Fall Luncheon

McMan Calgary & Area invites you to our Annual Fall Fundraiser, this year our luncheon will be on the Importance of Compassion on Mental Health. We believe this topic is of interest to Calgarians as we come out of an economic recession where many were affected. The importance of compassion in everyday life is applicable to everyone and is a topic that is gaining interest in the sciences as positive neurological effects are now being closely studied.

Our Keynote speaker is Thupten Jinpa a former Buddhist monk who also holds a B.A. in philosophy and a Ph.D. in religious studies, both from Cambridge University. Jinpa has been the principal English translator to the Dalai Lama for over twenty-five years and is the author of “A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to be Compassionate can Transform our Lives”. Jinpa is also the main author of Compassion Cultivation Training which was developed for Stanford University in 2009 and he is the current President and Chairman of the Compassion Institute. We hope all attendees will leave the luncheon with a heightened awareness of the importance of compassion for others and self. All net proceeds of this event will go towards supporting McMan Calgary & Area’s mental health programs and initiatives. McMan offers programs directly linked to mental health that are offered to our clients, typically living below the poverty line, at no cost. Last year we served over 500 children, youth and families through our mental health programs and initiatives.

For more information please take a look at the PDF attached.