Through the Grape Vine: *New Exclusive Wine Lunch* - Allegrini Wines with Robin Shay

*New Exclusive Wine Lunch* - Allegrini Wines with Robin Shay

Through The Grape Vine is the CPC’s newest addition to our current programming. Our in house Sommelier, Dave Amundrud and Food and Beverage Manager, Frank Kresk has been closely working with winemakers and agents near and far to bring you this exclusive series of events.

Through the Grape Vine Series

Allegrini is a leading producer in the Valpolicella Classica area and one of the most highly-regarded and award-winning Italian wineries in the world. In Italy’s Premier Wine Ratings Guide, Gambero Rosso’s “Vini d’Italia”, Allegrini was named 2016 Winery of the Year.

Allegrini family Photo

Owned by the Allegrini family, which has had roots in the Valpolicella since the sixteenth century, the Company has over 100 hectares of hillside vineyards in the Classico zone. All wines bearing the Allegrini brand are produced exclusively from grapes grown in the Estate’s vineyards.

The Allegrini family upholds a rich historical legacy of excellence while continuing to push quality through innovation. Allegrini has modernized the appassimento winemaking technique by numerous measures, notably reducing bitterness and emphasizing desirable phenolic flavor compounds by adding dried fruit to previously vinified, fresh wine.

“Tradition is not immobility. When accompanied by true respect for a territory, there is always something to discover, to interpret, to see in a new light.” – Marilisa Allegrini

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