Wellness Event

Health and Wellness Series

The CPC Wellness series allows members to engage with professionals and learn more about what it takes to live a well and fulfilled life.

Join us and a unique speaker as we embark on a journey of self discovery and well being.

Our next event is with Owner and Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now Wellness; Tessa Martin. She will walk us through her teachings and presentation on Having it all: Optimizing your life for complete wellness

Peaceful and Serene Rocks

Breakfast – 7:30am
Presentation – 8:00am
$25 per person
Monday, September 16th
In the Trophy Lounge

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Tessa Martin

Owner and Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now Wellness

Tessa Martin Owner and Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now Wellness

Martin has a passion for understanding the intricacies of human behaviour which led her on a path of discovering how mind and body are inter-connected. The exploration of mind-body medicine began after Martin noticed that many of her clients would complain about knowing what they should be doing differently yet feeling stuck in the same pattern over time, Using theories of mindfulness and quantum physics, Martin has discovered there are several principles that can create an optimal life. No longer do you have to feel like they have to make difficult decisions and feel stuck with roadblocks . Now, you can work towards optimizing your life for complete wellness.

Martin is the owner of Serenity Now Wellness, located in Inglewood. Her team consists of psychologists, massage therapists, nutritionists, craniosacral therapy, and yoga. The team works in the office with individuals, couples and families as well as on-site at corporations offering massage services and lunch and learns to support employees.

“Having it all-Optimizing your life for complete wellness”