Women, Mentors and Friends

Join us for our 10th annual Women Mentors & Friends. Listen to 5 Powerful CPC Members who have inspired women all over Calgary. All of these women have donated their time to talk to fellow female members, and share their experiences.

Women Mentors & Friends

The event will take place in the Club’s main dining room.

We have brought to you 5 amazing women to be your “Speakers/Mentors” on this special night. The “Speakers/Mentors” stay comfortably seated in their area of the room, and attendees gather around (some sitting, some standing) for about a 20-minute session. The whole room then breaks for 20 minutes or so to enjoy some food, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Then, a new session begins with attendees choosing a different “Speaker/Mentor”. The staff will announce the breaks and re-starts. Over the course of the evening, attendees get to spend time with three of the five “Speakers/Mentors”. This informal format allows complete flexibility regarding how “Speakers/Mentors” speak to the group and the material they cover. The format also keeps the sessions very open and fluid, based on the dynamics of each group. The topics, tone and subject matter is left completely up to the “Speaker/Mentor”, and no preparation of material is required.

Our goal is to celebrate the diverse women in our community that are doing amazing things.

Time: 6PM-9PM
Cost: $55.00

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