It’s My Club and a Great Community to be A Part of

An Interview with Elysse Dalla-Longa

1. How long have you been a member of the Petroleum Club?

I’ve been a member for almost a year, so it’s quite new.

2. Why did you become a member?

My Aunt was the Past President of the Club, so she thought it was a great opportunity for young women to join the Petroleum Club. She encouraged me to join and through this experience I’ve been able to network and meet young professionals in the industry.

3. What would the #1 benefit be for yourself personally?

Personally, it would be the opportunity to meet new faces and share different ideas from people who are of different backgrounds. When people think Petroleum Club they have this idea that its only oil and gas, but there’s doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. With all the different events the Club has, you’re running into the same people and building connections with them. It’s amazing!

4. How does being a member help you professionally?

Being a member has helped me professionally because I’m constantly networking. For example I planned a Happy Hour event, and had to reach out to my contacts to see if they’d like to attend. This translates out further because the people I invite come to the Club for the first time and are not only interested in my event, but becoming a member. Another way it has helped me is through the opportunity to meet an engage with senior level individuals whom provide support and mentoring.

5. What’s your favourite program/event that happens at the Club?

The wine tastings are my favourite. They’re an excellent execution of bringing in good food, great wines and actually bringing in the families from the vineyards. During the Bordeaux tasting, individuals were brought from France!

6. How have the relationships you’ve made at the Club impacted your personal/professional life?

A lot of the relationships I’ve made through the Club have helped me because they’ve grown beyond the Club. I’m constantly meeting new friends and planning events outside of the industry I work in and expanding my networks. It’s also nice to have a place to call your own, the Club is a great platform and it creates a sense of community which in turn helps you build these strong relationships.

7. How often do you use the Club?

I use the Club about once or twice a week.

8. Primarily, for what purpose?

I come a lot during lunch time, that’s when I utilize it for customers. Or I use it when I’m hosting an event, for example I host a Happy Hour event once a month.

9. How effective do you think social media is for the Club?

I think social media is critical in helping promote the Club, especially being able to target different demographics. It’s an opportunity to build awareness towards the Club – social media can still be done tastefully, professionally and controlled. It can be utilized in a way that promotes the exclusivity of the Club.

10. Why would someone become a member?

The Petroleum Club provides that sense of community. Just like going to your favourite coffee shop every morning – it’s your place.

11. If you were recruiting members, what would you say to entice them to join? Why should other Young Professionals become members?

The biggest thing is the opportunity to have a place to call your own, and something to be proud of. It’s an exclusive Club within the city and there’s not very many of them. You have the opportunity to be creative and do something outside of your day to day routine. Even planning these Happy Hour events isn’t something I always do, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Now is the time the Club is bringing in a lot of people and changing things around a bit, and I see a lot of opportunity. As a young business professional it’s the perfect time to facilitate and embrace the Club.

12. Do you think anything should happen visually within the Club?

Part of the charm of the Club is the old oak paneling, that classic look. But if you go down to the Wine Cellar it’s extremely modern.

13. What do you think of the dining areas and cuisine?

The dining areas and the cuisine are under-rated. It’s phenomenal…a hidden gem. The wine cellar is voted one of the best selections in Calgary and that’s something a lot of people don’t know. I think there’s a huge opportunity for the dining areas to utilize social media and showcase their talents and cuisine.

14. Do you have any last thoughts?

I’m just excited to bring some new events to the Club and collaborate with other young members and other Clubs in the city, for example Club Wolfgang and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. The Petroleum Club is a great platform to build connections, and facilitate new ideas throughout young members groups around the city. I’ve built strong relationships with individuals across completely different industries and the Club has been key in increasing my networking skills.