The Club

Welcome to the Calgary Petroleum Club. Rooted in history, the Club is a dynamic place to dine, meet and to connect when it comes to business and personal engagements. With a diverse membership base, we are a world-class facility offering exclusive access to Calgary’s best amenities and services. From corporate events to private parties, we’re home to gourmet food, inspiring leadership and extraordinary service.


We aspire to be an exclusive club, capturing the finest of Calgary and offering a vibrant gathering place for our business community.


Our essential purpose is to be The Premier Club for Calgary Business.


These are the values by which we will conduct ourselves:

  • Excellence – The Club has an unequivocal commitment to excellence.
  • Service – The Club practices and continually cultivates its service orientation.
  • It’s Personal! – It’s not just business, it’s not just a job; our members are not just clients, with us it’s personal!
  • Respect – We demonstrate respect for Members, Guests and Employees alike.
  • Care – The Business community that gathers at the Club matter to us.